Teacher's Guides

The program includes a User's Manual and five Teacher's Guides, written in Hebrew, that provide enough material for two years of instruction. The User's Manual includes an introduction to Hebrew language instruction in early childhood, the program rationale and guidelines for working with the program as well as advice on how to incorporate festival vocabulary into the units of study.
Each teacher's guide is comprised of thirty to thirty five study units (lessons). The five guides include detailed instructions for every lesson and activity suggested.




sample lessons



Following is a sample of the content of each teacher's guide. It is important to note that "Chalav u'Dvash" is a spiral curriculum. Each lesson builds on the lesson/s that preceded it and incorporates all the language that has already been learned.

Guide number one:

Male and female (singular)
Assorted verbs – singular
Numbers 1 – 10
Everyday greetings
Assorted Nouns
Matching adjectives to nouns – singular
Pronouns – singular

Guide number two – everything in Guide number one plus:

Pronouns – plural
Assorted verbs – plural
Vocabulary enrichment – nouns
Matching adjectives to nouns – plural
Where? here
What is there?

Guide number three – everything in Guides number one and two plus:

Of, with, this, that
Counting objects – feminine
Vocabulary enrichment – verbs, adjectives
More complex stories

Guide number four – everything in Guides number one, two and three plus:

Relationship words
Counting objects – masculine
More complex conjugations of verbs
More vocabulary enrichment (singular and plural, masculine and feminine)

Guide number five – everything in Guides number one, two, three and four plus:

Mine, yours, I have, you have – masculine and feminine
Complex stories and activities


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