Story Books

The unique feature of the story books in the Chalav u'Dvash program is that they use vocabulary that the children have learned. When the children hear the stories they understand every word – exactly like a Hebrew speaking child! The story books are expanded on as a basis for conversation and activities in the classroom.



is a story about a hungry cat who doesn't eat all of the foods that everyone else in the house is eating.


B'Eretz Israel

is about children from different places in Israel and something about the places too.


Kachol (Blue)

is a story about a girl who only likes the color blue.


Gam v'Gam

is a story about a little girl who wants her father to draw animals and gets a big surprise when she sees what he has done.


Yofi Shel Tziyur

is about a mom who confuses everything her little girl tells her.


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